A summer Island

Life on an island is no less than a small world in its own.
As soon as you enter an island you can notice the unwritten stories and treasures that belongs there and only there.

Podcast: Fotopodden

Andrew Martin interior design review, ofte kalt bibelen for interiørdesign, er en årlig bok for interiørdesign og inneholder verk fra de 100 beste interiørdesignere det året. Årets bok har nettopp blitt lansert og i den boka finner du blant annet nyoppusset Danebu Kongsgård, et prosjekt gjennomført av Christine F Interiørdesign og bildene i boka er tatt av dagens gjest – Cecilie Refsum.

Love Chapter Nature – Scotland

The light, the dramatic landscape, the melancholic mood, the fairytale like castles, the cool people and the dogs and sheep’s – it’s nothing as beautiful as days in the Scottish highlands.

Love Chapter Farmhouse – Scotland

As a haven in the landscape, mystique and beautiful, strong yet also very tender.
This place with its timeless elegance and Wilhelm Hammershøy’s spirit throughout the rooms, is a statement of quiet luxury.

Italian living

I could end up with a long list with all that I love about Italy, so to minimalize I`ll keep it to interior and down to my favorite style, Modern Mediterranean.
White, faded, clean, unpretentious, comfy and sophisticated.

“Et lite kjøkken” – Nordic food and lifestyle

“A small kitchen” started at home in January 2017. Cooking, photography, styling, and stories are the key elements that together make up my Nordic food and lifestyle concept. “A small kitchen” is about inspiring and conveying the joy of cooking with pure and natural ingredients that are available locally.

Seaside living – Oslo Fjord

Life by the sea is my favorite. Everything feels easier there. The breathing, the photographic motives, the mind, and the body is more relaxed, and time seems to float. Humans share near identical chemical levels of sodium chloride with the ocean, so its no surprise that sailors, surfers, and us others… experience a connection that seems to go beyond the physical one.

Manshausen Island

Børge Ousland, a merited Norwegian polar explorer, is the owner of Manshausen Island in Steigen, situated North of the Arctic Circle in Norway. The explorer has turned it into an adventures place for treatment and wildlife experience.
Modern architectural cabins by Snorre Stinesen, in harmony with nature in its strong, wooden beauty and with its comfortable interior.

A countryside escape

Sometimes we need a change of scenery. To move our focus to a new place is sometimes a necessity to create new work.
Calmness and an awareness of our breath and senses can give you refreshing energy and new perspectives.
As entrepreneurs we constantly seek inspiration and fulfillment in our desire to develop our lifestyle brand ALBA Oslo.
It’s a never-ending cycle!

Seaside romance – at Bjerkøya, Oslo fjord

This job will stay in my heart until I die! Nervous and stressed for this shoot I entered the wedding island with my camera and an open mind. I knew the couple from previous jobs photographing their homes. But this occasion was my very first weeding shoot and their big, big day! More than one hundred guests had gathered at the bride’s picturesque family farmhouse on a small island south in the Oslo fjord.

Scotland mood & Highlands

I have earlier been to Scotland a couple of times, not so far north but the beauty and the light in this country is something totally unique and you immediately fall in love no matter what.

It’s been on my mind since then.
To hold on to that feeling I have a favorite movie «The Queen» with it’s scenery from the misty Highlands and the unforgettable scene with the queen and the deer.

A love story

The most beautiful kilims comes from the Danish lifestyle brand, Brandts Indoor.
A curated collection of vintage handcrafted kilim cushions and rugs from Turkey, carefully selected and produced by Sara Smith.

ALBA: an investment in the future Scan Magazine

Designed in Norway, ALBA makes high-quality fashion inspired by art, culture and the Nordics’ signature sleek lines and palette. Combined with fashionable Italian waistlines and produced by the skillful hands of crafters in northern Italy, ALBA has created a clean and timeless wardrobe unbound from age, borders or fashion trends.

Seaside Stillness Tjøme

The off season atmosphere at my dearest friends summer place is a blessing every December.
Calming and cozy, peaceful and freezing cold.
Tjøme is even more pretty in wintertime with its reflecting light and crisp air.

Calm living

Our home is a reflection of us.
It’s like an extension of our family and our personalities. It’s a place for playing music too loud, cooking, drinking wine, laughing, reading and working, it’s where we can feel safe, relaxed, happy and a place to be calm.

A peaceful hideway in the Swedish woods

Sometimes all you need is peace and quiet.
You feel like travelleling , a change to your everyday life and simply boost your energy level.
For the second time I have experienced Vipp hotel with their unique locations and design destinations.

“I desember” – Christmas coffee table book

I was asked to contribute to the lifestyle book “In December” at the beginning of 2020. Just before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The feeling of fear across the world was overwhelming and without comparison it could have been a challenge to create and produce a book. But we found our ways, and the process turned out well and has become a memory for life, in the best way.
We had to work individually due to the virus but as the weeks past we became a cohort that triangled to achieve the best possible result, within a set timeframe.

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