Seaside living – Oslo Fjord

Life by the sea is my favorite. Everything feels easier there. The breathing, the photographic motives, the mind, and the body is more relaxed, and time seems to float. Humans share near identical chemical levels of sodium chloride with the ocean, so its no surprise that sailors, surfers, and us others… experience a connection that seems to go beyond the physical one.

The ocean can become a passion, a livelihood, and a companion.

Personally, I prefer to enjoy it all from land and view it from our summer place. A 1960 architectural built summer house in the outskirt of the Oslo fjord.
Here is freedom.

I have decorated it in multiple ways over the years.

Now in the middle of life I have come to a lasting plan, less things, paler palette, natural materials in wood, stone, and linen, curated arty stuff, baskets, ceramics and an endless number of handwoven cushions, white blinders, and solid outdoor furniture’s with a more and more beautiful sun kissed patina every year.

Out here in the seafront with its wild wind, salty air, and misty nights the style must reflect its surroundings, I think.

The nature outside decides the inside and it all feels more authentic and real in a way.

It’s for life.

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