Scotland mood & Highlands

HIGHLANDS I have earlier been to Scotland a couple of times, not so far north but the beauty and the light in this country is something totally unique and you immediately fall in love no matter what. It’s been on my mind since then. To hold on to that feeling I have a favorite movie «The Queen» with it’s scenery from the misty Highlands and the unforgettable scene with the queen and the deer.
When I returned to this country to experience days up in the remote and fairytale like area all these feelings returned so strongly. Killihuntly Farmhouse is a 1850 guesthouse in Cairngorm mountain district with renewed distinctness and design. Combining Scandinavian sensibility and Scottish authenticy. Every room in well balanced harmony and a feeling of stillness and natural luxury. I`m going back fall 23 to dig deeper into this area and it’s emotions, and a refill of the warmhearted energy from the people and the land of mystery.
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