“I desember” – Christmas coffee table book

I was asked to contribute to the lifestyle book “In December” at the beginning of 2020. Just before the outbreak of the pandemic. The feeling of fear across the world was overwhelming and without comparison it could have been a challenge to create and produce a book. But we found our ways, and the process turned out well and has become a memory for life, in the best way. We had to work individually due to the virus but as the weeks past we became a cohort that triangled to achieve the best possible result, within a set timeframe.

The author, Camilla Reimers, the graphic designer Larisa Boos and me as the photographer was the trio and together with the editor Agathe Skappel we solved this project effectively and it was a joyful ride.

Making Christmas in April, marzipan and other festive sweets in June and New Year celebration in July, all to make the deadline in August, was a bit of a challenge with regards to the light and other essentials and certainly a lot of fun.

Today I am very proud of what we achieved and feel so grateful for being a part of the journey.

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