Studio C by Cecilie Refsum

Photographer/ creative director / storyteller

Studio C Journey

The House Edit – Entrance

As a photographer I am constantly searching for places & homes to portray.
Helenes house & holiday homes I have photographed earlier, and we are now very humble and happy to work on this project together. Our passion for London, interior and photo, is melted together and fortunately all will be featured as well.

The London House Edit

A designer and a photographer will work close together in London as a central situated country home will be renewed. Through London’s design and antiques areas, we will create The House Edit to be featured.

Italian living

I could end up with a long list with all that I love about Italy, so to minimalize I`ll keep it to interior and down to my favorite style, Modern Mediterranean.
White, faded, clean, unpretentious, comfy and sophisticated.

“Et lite kjøkken” – Nordic food and lifestyle

“A small kitchen” started at home in January 2017. Cooking, photography, styling, and stories are the key elements that together make up my Nordic food and lifestyle concept. “A small kitchen” is about inspiring and conveying the joy of cooking with pure and natural ingredients that are available locally.

Seaside living – Oslo Fjord

Life by the sea is my favorite. Everything feels easier there. The breathing, the photographic motives, the mind, and the body is more relaxed, and time seems to float. Humans share near identical chemical levels of sodium chloride with the ocean, so its no surprise that sailors, surfers, and us others… experience a connection that seems to go beyond the physical one.

Latest shoots - exterior

hi there! I’m Cecilie

Photo, interiordesign and the art of colors play a great part in my life. Styling, decoration, purchasing and management in the retail industry has been my job for many years. As a coordinator within the commercial film industry I got first hand experience from a set in action.

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