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Love Chapter Nature – Scotland

The light, the dramatic landscape, the melancholic mood, the fairytale like castles, the cool people and the dogs and sheep’s – it’s nothing as beautiful as days in the Scottish highlands.

Love Chapter Farmhouse – Scotland

As a haven in the landscape, mystique and beautiful, strong yet also very tender.
This place with its timeless elegance and Wilhelm Hammershøy’s spirit throughout the rooms, is a statement of quiet luxury.

A summer Island

Life on an island is no less than a small world in its own.
As soon as you enter an island you can notice the unwritten stories and treasures that belongs there and only there.

hi there! I’m Cecilie

Photo, interiordesign and the art of colors play a great part in my life. Styling, decoration, purchasing and management in the retail industry has been my job for many years. As a coordinator within the commercial film industry I got first hand experience from a set in action.

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