Remote & naked

“Remote & naked”
The remote and wild scenery of the northern region of Scotland, Cairngorms National Park, moved me in so many ways.
The feeling of timelessness in it’s natural essence and it’s naked moody landscape has a deep melancholic effect on me.

Going back in fall- 23 to nurture this feeling further.


“Lolland” The early days of March -22 I spent at Lolland, Denmark.
Absorbing the tensness in Europe alongside the meditative atmosphere in this solid environment felt like an end of something and a start of something unknown.
When our mind drift and the intuitivity takes over “the zero point” is present and the authenticness appears.

These images are feeling of fear.


“Identity” is the naked and open organic space where sincerity and honesty unfolds in the simple and authentic environment. Nature is my tranquility.


“Solid” are the pictures with boulders from the Vestfold`s coast line. The mountains that lie unmovable in turbulent waters reflect something to lean on and that lasts forever. All images in black & white printed on Barryth or cotton paper.

Lived life

“Lived life” is a project where death and emptiness are clear underlying themes. A home is torn down and stripped of «decorations». What’s left from a long lived life with all its bruises and experiences when the body has left the room?


“Alone” with the chairs and rooms, with and without props is an expression of my inner dialogue which is the feeling of being alone. The chair and the rooms symbolizes everything from childhood to the self of today.

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